WHO International Healthy Cities Conference

The International Healthy Cities Conference in Athens, Greece
was concluded on Saturday, 25/10 with great success

Participants from 56 countries, WHO representatives, health-sector experts, members of the networks, cities officials shared their good practices and experience, and celebrated 25 years of the healthy cities movement [see the highlights video above]. 

Of course, more needs to be done towards the vision of cities committed to health and well-being of their inhabitants; however, the Conference reflected the progress recorded so far as well as the growing sensibility of both the public and local governmentregarding the above issues. 

 A sum-up and the results of the International Healthy Cities Conference in Athens, are comprised in the Declaration for Healthy Cities, which was elaborated during the conference and finally signed by all mayors and senior political representatives of cities present; the declaration also calls on all city and health leaders and everyone who lives in urban settings to join in this endeavour to create a healthier and sustainable future”

Here you can read the political statement and action commitments for the WHO European Healthy Cities Network and Network of European National Healthy Cities Networks in Phase VI, including the targets for Health 2020 agenda. 

The next date for International Healthy Cities Conference is set for 2015 in the City of Kuopio, Finland.