WHO International Healthy Cities Conference

Migration and health: challenging issues relating to undocumented migrants

The scope of this session organized by the Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention was to describe public health issues related to migrants; to discuss about control of communicative diseases in this population; to describe the need for special health services for particularly vulnerable migrant groups; to describe financial issues and need for initiatives/funds supporting such work.

The Session was chaired by Jenny Kremastinou, Professor and President, HCDCP, Athens, Greece. Presentations on migrant-related issues were made by specialized speakers:
  • Sotirios Tsiodras, Associate Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases, University of Athens, Greece: Public Health and Migrants
  • Kostas Athanasakis, Research Fellow of the Department of Health Economics, National School of Public Health, Athens, Greece: Migrants: access to care in the light of the economic crisis
  • Maria Tseroni, Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (HCDCP), Athens, Greece: Lessons learned from the Laconia malaria case